TurboCAD 20 Deluxe Software from Avanquest

Avanquest TurboCAD 20 Deluxe Software, Complete 2D/3D CAD software, Extensive file support, Technical Models.
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Product Overview: TurboCAD Deluxe is powerful and complete 2D/3D CAD software. Use the setup wizard, snaps and alignment aids to quickly layout your design. From the modern user interface, choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced mode to access hundreds of drawing, modifying, dimensioning and annotation tools. Materials, lighting, and photorealistic rendering let you create powerful presentations and explore design alternatives. Plus, extensive file support, including Google SketchUp and the latest AutoCAD DWG/DXF filters, make it easy to share your work with others. It's everything you need to need to create presentation-ready home designs, technical models, and mechanical illustrations, school projects and more. Features: • Rectangle Selector Mode is a bidirectional selector. It replaces the drag modes previously know as 'Window Rectangular Mode' and 'Crossing Rectangular Mode'. • Window Polygon Selector Mode only selects objects which are completely inside a closed polygon. Objects outside or partially outside the polygon will not be selected. • Crossing Polygon Selector Mode allows you to select those objects which are crossing or completely within a closed polygon. • Fence Selector Mode selects only those objects which are touched by the open polygon or 'fence' created while in this mode.
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  • Model: LN 7002

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